Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To Ikea and Back

Who says you need a car to get to Ikea and buy things there? We proved them wrong with capital W!

Though the free eeder bus and RapidKL bus route U89 were lousy (we waited for 40 minutes but it never came), we still managed to get a cab to Ikea and it cost about 6 bucks, which was not very bad since the good driver sticked to using the meter.

You know what I love about the place? Everything! We ate in Cineleisure, shop in Ikea for house goods and chill around for coffee and window shopping in The Curve and Ikano Power Center.

Everything was there! The place was genius!

I know, I'm writing this like I had never been to the place before but truly, it is a place to chill on weekends, a divertion from cliche niches like KLCC or Pavilion.

Yes, we bought this and carried it on the BUS and TRAIN - mission accomplished
We even bought a train set from Metrojaya, The Curve simply because it looked fun! (Written there 'For age 3 and above')
After assembling - yay!

With all the goods that we bought, we still managed to get on the free shuttle bus to Kelana Jaya LRT station (yes, finally we saw it coming and boarded it successfully), rode on the LRT to Kerinchi station and take the bus back to our house.

How's that for a trip?

It spells F-U-N for me!


kikikakakiko said...

nak main ketapi! nak main ketapi!

FoFo said...

you are above 3

Khairizan Yaacob said...

kikikakakiko - mari! mari!

miss FuckTard - zip it!

Palister said...

hehehe..itu kereta api sekali raksasa Aisy datang...abis laa...