Tuesday, January 6, 2009

To Miss Tee Ann Jie

Dearest bestie,

Thank you for the fabulous birthday prezzie that you gave me today (along with the heavy stack of Ekonomi Pembangunan notes) which I totally love it, yes, I do. It was downright what I had always been wanting to buy, something to go with the clothes that I wear.

I absolutely love it.

Though we had promised not to break the tradition of not buying gifts for each other's birthday (haha!), seemed like you had broken it anyway, and I would love to get you something in return as well. I can't really tell when due to the liquidity of my financial situation (thanks to my Central Bank in Taiping). But I'll definitely get you something.

You know very well that I wasn't kidding when I told you not to get me anything for my birthday and presents are only superficials - things of love make-believe. Your presence alone in my life is enough. The one to share my silly jokes, shed my sadness (remember the night I was crying my eye-balls out in First College and you came picked me up for dinner in Seventh College? That was totally sweet and really what true friends will do), advised me on what subjects to take (and which lecturer was the lousiest of them all), commented on my hair (even when I just need you to shut up) and other fabulous, wonderful things above all.

You are a really great, great friend and to have you in my life, gosh, is a REAL blessing and do take my word, I'll be there whenever you need me, physically or emotionally, until you'll get tired of me.

As I had informed you earlier, I wish you nothing short of the best and finest things in life.

Lots of love,


fofo said...

What do you mean you need me to shut up ah?

Ri said...

no need lah dearie... friendship is the best ear plugs. go ahead and talk his ears off!!! hehehe.. ;)

Paul Tan said...

fofo... that's a new one. hello ann jie!