Monday, February 2, 2009

Revolutionary Road

What is happiness? Is it found in the pursuit of the life you want and finally got a grip on it? Or is it right here, in front of you but you just couldn't see and make a full use of it?

What does it take to find happiness? Does it take love? Does it require a perfect companion, a husband and a wife to create a never-bursting bubble? Will it require you to go across the sea to the place you believe you would be better off? Or should one just stay in where one is because that's just how people around them believe?

In Revolutionary Road, everything is not like what it seems.

Revolutionary Road questions the pursuit of happiness, how it is defined by different people and how they look at life. While most of their sub-urban neighbors thought they were 'the perfect couple of Revolutionary Road' or given them nick-names like 'The Revolutionary Wheelers', Frank and April Wheeler believe they were just like any other couple - be it living there or anywhere else.

They both have feelings, needs and their marriage got gloom as the marriage aged. Somehow, April decided to bring back the passion and the fireworks back into their marriage, re-discover themselves as what they knew of each other when they first met - young, energetic ones with brilliant ideas and unquenchable thirst for excitement and exhilaration.

Somehow, things got in their way. How everyone's been saying that they were 'special ones' and shouldn't leave Revolutionary Road and Frank has been promoted and now, giving the moving plan a second thought. That leaves April feeling disturbed and unappreciated as she was trying to give her marriage a second chance but only to find it was dismissed by her husband and everyone else.

This is where the story gets interesting to me, and thought provoking.

April defines happiness as going out, doing what you believe in and that is all that matters. While Frank after being promoted, finally see that happiness is already there, you just got to see it , grasp it and make a full use of it.

It will totally change the way you perceive your life and how you look at the happiness connotation. And when someone says you're special, it doesn't really matter because you're never really that special, it's just a tag people put on you to get you into their grasp and making you stay to where you are, so that you'll think that you're really in a great position and shouldn't be letting go. The last scene of this movie tells so.

Go and watch it.

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