Sunday, March 29, 2009

Trip to Genting Highlands

Among the early ones, Faris and Fifi in McDonald's, KL Sentral
... and Mr Ayi and I

My friends always have a way of ushering the final exams in each semester.

Last semester they went for clubbing in The Loft, Heritage Row which I didn't have the opportunity to join. The previous semester they went for karaoke.

This semester around, it was a trip to Genting Highlands which was nothing less than FUN, FUN and more FUN! Things could have been even more fun if those we wanted to tag along were able to do so (no, not you, Bola).

Hana and Nadrah in the LRT en route to Gombak. The sleeping Chinese guy in red was not with us
Arrived in Gombak station. Waiting for the bus scheduled at 10.30am
Another half of the group: Fird, Faris, Akma and her beau, Shahid
Sakina's face says it all - obviously we have arrived in Genting!
Fooling around while waiting for the ladies from the ladies' room
Boarding the cable car. Woo-hoo!
Pre-cable car again
Faris trying his hands on Anuar's one-day-old DSLR camera in the cable car
The magnificient view. Praise the Lord

There were 11 of us. Congregated in KL Sentral by 8.30am and took the train to Gombak station, from which we boarded our bus to Genting at 10.30am.

Shortly past 11am, we reached the cable car station and from there on, the fun never stopped!

I wonder what's in store for next semester. An island trip perhaps?


Group shot shortly after reaching the top. Hana took this one
Queuing for the Space Shot!

While we took on Space Shot, Fifi and Hana rode this adolescent ride. No offense. Hehe


Waiting for the Sungai Rejang ride. Wetness ahead.
Lunch-break in KFC. Their snack plate had extra potato wedges
The fun continued! Cyclone time, the first rollercoaster in Malaysia (it was written there)
Well, they don't really need a reason to pose for the camera
Cute bubble face from Nadrah while waiting for the 4-D ride (which we later abandoned due to long waiting time)
We ran out of things to try. So we opted for this easy-breezy Gondola ride
Back to the cable car, returning back 6000 feet under (no pun intended)
In the LRT, back to KL Sentral where it all started
Hehe. Aby Ayi was there as well. Duh?
This is the video of Sakina, Faris and I on the Space Shot with Faris on his first time (and perhaps the last one!). Check it out!


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sangat best!

Ri said...

faris nyer expression kat spaceshot tu priceless :)

but i can really sympathize with him...

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next stop: KOH SAMUI!!!!!

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