Friday, May 1, 2009

Lacoste Sneakers

Lacoste Carnaby R sneakers in Nappa leather

When you have spent more than a quarter of your life with someone, it became so hard to just ignore his presence or deny his significance to yours. Whether you have moved on or not, one leg will always be left behind, waiting for the past to tag along with you into the future, if not present.

A couple of days back, I rekindled with my history - in a good way of course. It was so good to be there again with the one who first taught you about everything and the one who first saw you when nobody else didn't.

He had been good to me and vice versa, although we have drifted apart due to the clinging nature of our lives, with me getting tied up to my student life while he ventured into new businesses. We have a full time career thus full-time relationship doesn't fit to the bill.

It just happenned that I was wearing my favourite pair of sneakers, green Adidas superstar which he gave as my 21st birthday present over a year ago.

He saw it and told me that I needed to get a new one.

I quickly jumped in and told him that I have lots of other shoes (Read: LOTS), thus a new one wasn't really necessary. He didn't buy that, as usual.

Good news for me then. Winks.

He browsed around and thought this white silly-looking pair of Lacoste would look good on me. I admit that I liked it amid its silly-ness, but who cares since both him and I liked it?

So far, I couldn't manage to pair up the shoes with any outfit but I'll get to that later. The most important part is, it's my very first pair of Lacoste and hopefully, it wouldn't be the last one!

Welcome home, pair no.26.


zuhairi said...

ni ke yg ko maksud kan?hehe.seb baek xberkenan.haha

Khairizan Yaacob said...

cis.misi gagal.haha

seb bek zafirah ckp cantek hehe

zuhairi said...

haha.laen org,laen test.hehe.
ko cukopkan 100 kasot,ko bukak r muzium kasot.hahahaha

zuhairi said...

eh silap,taste,bkn test.damn.haha

Khairizan Yaacob said...

jern buat lawak..test..hehe

zuhairi said...