Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My New Sweetheart

One-day-old Muhammad Airy

Two-year-old brat brother, Muhammad Aisy

On April 13, 2009, I welcomed another nephew into my life - altogether now, I have four nephews and one niece! Means more presents to buy each year and

Muhammad Airy Mohd Fadly was born in Subang Jaya Medical Center on the same day of his 2-year-old brother's birthday, Muhammad Aisy. Totally a double bundle of joy for this month.

I have yet to see him personally, but from the picture MMS-ed by my sister today, he pretty much resembles his older brother when the latter was born.

Well, they are brothers anyway. Duh.

Looking at the picture, of course I was so elated to welcome him into this chaotic world. Whatmore, the night before my sister undergo her Caesarian operation, I was still poking and talking to him across the belly. And now, he has popped out!

Aisy is now two and Airy was just born. Just how fast time has passed me by.

It made me think, of all these times, what are we actually championing for each day? Feuding, back-stabbing, trash-talking about others behind - for what? Time is running out and yet we are still concentrating about these petty things which would not bring us anywhere. We put too much attention on vanity and luxury and losses the real focus in life - the things which truly matter.

Time is moving so fast and what have we done to put a (positive) mark here, right here where we stand, before we leave this world? Have we contributed enough and have we lived to the fullest?

These thoughts occurred inside of my head as I watched the picture of my new-born nephew. Call me delusional but it actually caused quite an impact to me. I've begin to think of all the people who hated me, they people I actually hated and the ex-es which I have acknowledged them as loathe subjects in my life. But last night, I actually made amend with some of them because I have to come to realized that I did not gaining any profit from it, neither did them. So forgive and forget, I guess. I didn't hurt to strip down your ego for a second for a lifetime triumph.

Now, if I could just tell that to the people who hated me. Probably not, because they're too stupid to understand it right now. Ha!

Anyway, here's to Muhammad Airy, welcome to this world and to both of you, Airy and Aisy, Pak Su will always love you.


kikikakakiko said...

hi Airy!!! muahhh..

Very Anonymous said...

goodness. i thought boy airy grows up fast when i saw those two photos. haha! I know bodoh!

Khairizan Yaacob said...

Haha. But he looks just as same as his brother when the latter was born. So your thought is somewhat valid la..hehe

kikikakakiko said...

aisy yang comel :)