Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nike Kicks

Nike Sweet Classic AP sneakers

I checked my blog again today and to my dismay, there are 3 new comments citing how 'inconsiderate' my blog post about my Malaysian Economics assignment groupmates and how they have all 'been there before and no need to disgrace them'.

I mean, first of all, I didn't ask you to read my blog. Why should you (including your supporting minions) felt compelled to read my blog and tell me how 'insensitive' I was?

What a nonsense.

If you have been piggy-backed by underperforming groupmates like I did and chose not to bitch about it, then good for you. I chose the other way around to make them realized what they have done so they won't do it again for other assignments in the future - not with me, of course.

I wonder what made it SO HARD for them to digest a blunt remark by me, including my response to their comments. I mean, I got offended with the way they carry their work but in real life, they are still my friends. I never let it intertwined. I think they are the one who got it all mixed up mumbo jumbo and started to launch a hating campaign against me.

Never mind though. God knows what the hell I'm talking about here. And I bet the people in question too, know what's going on.

Now - back to happy things!

After answering and successfully created new formulas for my Statistics II paper earlier today, I headed to KLCC for some much-needed fun.

New shoes! Long-awaited adue!

This time around, this Nike baby is a newly-arrived pair and quickly swapped by me. I love the old school feel to it, sort of going back to the days of neon colors and crazy fashion of the 80s.

Costs less than RM300, definitely worth buying and worth rocking around the city.

This would make my 24th or 25th pair of footwear to date.


renjizakura said...

hang ni gile shoping eh?
same mcm aku gak la
tp aku x byk sgt sebab fulusnye x brape nk ada

Khairizan Yaacob said...

agak kene tgk bajet gak la kan :)

zuhairi said...

damn kye.xya r publish.hahahaha.jeles

Khairizan Yaacob said...

jgn isau. aku bru beli kasut baru (lagi) ari ni..nanti aku publish. hehehehehehe *gelak jahat*

Anonymous said...

how come i have the exact same shoe but without the blue nike tag kat belakang tu? ~yummy

Khairizan Yaacob said...


According to the salesman, this pair is a new arrival..just like a day old at the store. Yours might be *ehem* from the last season, I guess.

Hehe. No offense. I love shoes no matter how old they are :)