Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Someone Who Called Me At 4 AM

WARNING: Strong words ahead. Don't say I didn't warn earlier.

Last night as any other night, I stayed up late. Like really late. And since I had my panic attack of the upcoming examinations, I stayed up even longer, attempting to study though I still managed to check my Facebook and refresh my Myspace every 2 seconds.

Ok, maybe every 10 seconds.

By 4.20am, I was ready to hit the sack and went to brush my teeth when I heard my phone was ringing.

Like, so loud.

I got so eff-ing annoyed. I mean, who calls at 4 in the morning? Can't you just wait until the sun rises at least?

I checked. Oh, another mysterious number.

Lately, I've been getting so many unrecognized numbers calling me which I had never responded. Even when I did, they would always ask for the same thing - to hook up. And when I asked where did they get my number, they came out with the same answers too - it was either 'can't remember' or 'someone gave it to me'.

So, back to this retard who called at 4 am. I texted him:

Me: "Crazy?" 15 April 2009 4:22:59

Retard: "Nape? Hahahahahaha" 15 April 2009 4:23:44

Me: "Not funny at all. GTH." 15 April 2009 4:24:00

Retard: "Woi ko kenape? Kenal aku x?" 15 April 2009 4:24:41

Me: "No and I don't want to know you. So fuck off n stop calling people at 4 in the morning! Crazy." 15 April 2009 4:25:33

Retard: "Ko ni bukan yg dalam G4M ke?" 15 April 2009 4:26:44

Me: " Who the fuck are you? Go to hell loser" 15 April 2009 4:27:14

Retard: "U are really bustard" 15 April 2009 4:28:31

Me: "It's bastard, not bustard. Fuck off and stay away" 15 April 2009 4:28:52

Okay, I know it was a little bit harsh but this one is a tad too much for me. Usually I ignored all of these junk calls but this one really got me. And he hasn't call or text again - yet. Haha.

Anyway, it was four in the morning! 4 AM!

Nobody calls at 4am except insane lovers and people informing you about someone's passing. I wouldn't mind as much had it been my friends calling, but when some stranger called just to say hello and stuff, that was totally wrong. Nothing is right about that.

Totally gila these people.

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