Friday, May 29, 2009

A Really, Really Late Birthday Gift

My one and only stranger, Mr Nik Ahmad bought this exquisite pair of True Religion Brand Jeans from Saks Fifth Avenue in New York earlier this year as a present for my birthday while he was there. Since I was so tied up with studies, exams and lots of me-time and he was barely here globetrotting as an air steward, we only managed to catch up few days ago in Bukit Bintang.

To be honest, I've completely forgotten that he had bought me birthday present and had no clue he would bring it when we had our rendezvous in Pavilion. Correct me if I'm wrong but as a follower of True Religion (thanks to my hommie, Abg Ayi), this pair - named 'Billy' - is not available in Bread & Butter (the store carrying the line) both in Pavilion and Gardens Mid Valley. Roughly, this pair would be somewhere around RM1000 - RM1200 per pair.

Thanks, my Stranger. Now (at last!), not only I have True Religion jeans, but the one bought in Saks Fifth Avenue. Times like this remind me how fortunate I am to have wonderful people in my circle and those who hated me stand no where significant. I'm not losing anything, but you are. How's that for a confidence booster?

This smells 'fabulosity'.