Thursday, July 23, 2009

Meet Seraphine the Tarantula

I have a new baby in tow. And she's an eight-legged creature.

Meet my new pet, Seraphine. French for 'the fiery one'.

She's about a week old now, bought from Summit Flea Market last July 19. Yes, while I was working on my sister's booth, I still managed to buy a pet from other booths thanks to my co-worker of the day Ayi.

This tarantula comes from the family of Usambara Orange Baboon. This is the most fierce tarantula, matches its lighting-speed. She's only a week-old now, but when she gets older, you can see thick orange hair around her body and legs, forming a 'flame-like' moving creature.

Thus, the name - Seraphine. *winks*

Right now, she's quietly nestling herself on the thick web she had spinned and perhaps by the end of this week, we'll move her to a bigger, new container.

Papa loves you Seraphine :)


kikikakakiko said...


bisky said...

is seraphine going to get a boyfriend?
she might be lonely
by the way, does she like kill people?

Khairizan Yaacob said...

Seraphine is a loner, only needs a bf when she wants to mate. That's why I can't buy two at a time. This kind of tarantula has the strongest bite but not sure whether it can kill people or not. Wanna try?

Booties said...

no..thank you.
she can go and try biting the shell of your two crabs.