Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ushering The Third Year

There's absolutely nothing like an energy booster than a good shopping. Well, at least that was in my case.

Couple of weekends back, I thought I needed something to mark my third year as a Bachelor of Economics student. Tops were too common, shoes - I already have a lot for the time being, jeans - too many yet worn too few.

That was when I thought, BAGS! I need a new bag!

I already have a backpack and four messenger bags. It was a high time for a new tote, I supposed. The one that could carry everything and wouldn't look bloated.

Then I saw this one ck Calvin Klein tote in Gardens Mid Valley. It's made of thick see-through dark grey plastic with matching black leather trimmings and handles. Sort of like Louis Vuitton's Neverfull bag where you can just throw anything inside it and carry them around without looking like you're carrying your entire household with you.

Though the new semester has started yesterday, I'll keep this one at home just yet until the second or third week of class. Already, my sister was begging me to give it to her as her birthday present (which is nowhere around until late August).

This one retails at RM1139.

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