Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Weekend of Work

My sister is kooky with business. She did more than what she could do and when she signed up for the Summit USJ Flea Market last weekend, she immediately asked me to look after her booth for the whole weekend a.k.a sit around for 9 hours and arguing with relentlessly persistent Ah Sohs bargaining for ridiculous price.

Since I already had some experience working with my brother in Jusco Ipoh somewhat years ago, I nodded my head in agreement to my sister’s request. Why not, I guessed. Tutorials haven’t started yet and this is the only time I’ll be available for extra commitments like this.

So, for Saturday and Sunday, I managed to fit in as one of those zealous businessperson, selling cute soft toys and some bling accessories. Though Saturday was rather slow, Sunday was much more appealing with better response due to change of booth. Even this blog post was written as I am sitting around, while Ayi entertained customers.

Overall, the response was quite impressive. We definitely made some profit and next weekend, we’ll be back there along with some other new things, created by Ayi and I. *giggles* Stay tuned for update! And, please drop by Summit USJ Flea Market this coming weekend or more specifically, booth number 5 for attractive soft toys at cheapest price! I might even consider starting my own soft toys business and calling my brother and sister in law in Ipoh for more supply!

Setting up the place on day one

My sister and I at the booth

Waiting for (potential) customers

Second day, bigger and better modus operandi

Ayi patiently attending to the customers. I couldn't handle hard-bargaining customers as I'd end up arguing with them, so I trusted the task to him.


kikikakakiko said...

kotak! kotak! sape mau beli kotak??

tokyo said...

(I can be quite a ridiculous Ah Soh at times too :P)

Khairizan Yaacob said...

wey taiping, if you come to my booth make sure you dont be all ah soh-y ok. so geram with those ah sohs

taipei said...

oi! bagi murah sikit la!!

Khairizan Yaacob said...

i scolded one ah soh and she finally bought something from me...