Monday, August 10, 2009

New Collection for Kotak by KikiKakaKiko

We kickstart August with some of our new collection for Kotak by KikiKakaKiko, comprising five attractive new designs.

There are two boxes (Mimpi and Elizabeth) which cost slightly more than the usual ones that we had because of the material used. Both boxes are wrapped in high quality papers with embossed motifs in velvet, which made them even more exquisite. Other three designs are wrapped in equally high quality papers printed in soy ink, giving them a smooth, glossy finishing, ideal for presents or personal use.

There are more to come, so watch out for this space soon!

Mimpi Box in black and white lid with silver box. The black motifs are embossed with velvet finishing - RM12

Elizabeth Box in pale gold lid with embossed velvety floral design and gold box - RM12

Unetro Box in brown, cream and black paisley design lid with matching brown box - RM9

Kara Box in abstract and floral motif lid with dark brown box - RM9

Harvard Box in three shades of green lid with black grain design and dark green box - RM9

For more information or to place your order, contact us at or reach to Mr Khairi at 012 3925953.

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