Friday, October 30, 2009

8TV Quickie Audition

Among all of the things which I had done, perhaps this one required me to really have some balls.

Not that I don't have any, by the way...

They say, life is a box of chocolate and you never know what you're going to get. At least, that's what Forrest Gump said. So, I decided to play trick or treat with my box of chocolate. so I chose to jump and conquer my cold feet of public auditioning.

Of course, in times like this best friends come in handy to offer you some much-needed support and laugh at your silliness. That's why on one Saturday morning, all four of us come together and decided to test our luck.

The morning starts with quick take-away drinks for Ayi and I before we headed to Taman Tun Dr Ismail and picked up Miss Hana Amira for the audition in Sri Pentas, Bandar Utama. Though we arrived somewhat around 10.30am, the queue had already built up with about 39 people trying to secure their spot.

I got number 40 and Hana got number 41.

Script guidelines

Miss 41

Mr Supporter and Mr 40

Miss 91's arrival and waiting for turns anxiously

Since our turns would be light years away, we headed to the cafeteria for morning snacks and tried to come up with our own presentation lines. It was nerve-wrecking for me, alright - who never had any audition as such before. But I was excited as well on the inside *giggles*.

Then Ann Jie showed up and she got number 91. Long-way to go then!

The audition wasn't that hard anyway. We were required to do a 1 minute presentation of ourselves and another 3 minute of our own mock-up TV show. If they find us Quickie-worthy enough, then we have to do another short version of a Quickie show.

Ann Jie and I didn't get through the final one but Hana did. Guess her prior experience in entertainment helped her very much there, and we were all rooting for her to be short-listed! Finger-crossed. Woohoo!

The people there are nice anyway. They didn't patronize you or say demeaning things to you a la Simon Cowell. And I got a number of positive responses for my Nike kicks and silly top. That was refreshing.

We definitely look forward for other auditions like this. For beginners like Ann Jie and I, this was really an eye-opener and a great exposure for other future ventures. As she put it, it's about pushing yourself to the limit and conquering the fear of rejection - which I couldn't agree more.

It was a really, really great experience and if there are anymore out there, we would surely give it a try. Why not? It was fun anyway watching all kinds of people there and make fun of them. Ha!

Lunch after Hana and I had our turns. The briyani in the cafeteria is to-die-for.

Our supporter for the day


Ann Jie waiting for her turn

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