Saturday, October 10, 2009

PC Game - Tomb Raider: Underworld

When I first saw its review in a newspaper some time late last year/early this year, I was jumping up and down anxiously waiting to get a hold of it myself. The article was gracious on positive remarks regarding this latest installment of Tomb Raider and when I finally had the chance to experience the gameplay myself, I know they really deserve the positive feedback.

Just when I thought Miss Lara Croft couldn't get any better (after playing the previous installment - Tomb Raider: Anniversary), she certainly up-leveled herself.

The most notable and profound improvement has got to be the stunning, stunning visual. Everything comes alive in Underworld. The whole environment is meticulously designed to make it as realistic as possible. The trees now sway, the leaves moves, raindrops seem real, lighting effects now follow its source and so does the shadow and many more upgrades.

It was really worth waiting for two years.

For those who chose not to play Tomb Raider due to its numerous mind-twisting puzzles (like my brother-in-law, Fadly), fret not! This version has next to none puzzles, everything is almost about physical prowess and making Miss Croft jumping, climbing, running, shimming here and there.

Again, while doing all of the above, you can still go 'Ooh' and 'Aah' of the marvelous graphic. My favourite act is the second one, in which our heroine travels to Thailand and there, you can see how the shrines, temples, jungle and even the sea water is so life-like.

Unlike before, now Miss Croft can shimmy in between wall gap, reminiscence of Price of Persia style. There are no boss for each stage, just pure adventure throughout the entire gameplay. Oh, did I mention that she can now travel through certain levels by riding her superbike? Super cool!

Some snapshots from the Second and Third Acts

This version consists of seven different acts, which starts with the Croft Manor blown up in fire as soon as you finished typing down your profile name. Again, you're fighting against Natla while travelling around the world gathering God of Thunder, Thor's weapon.

Well, as the saying goes, it takes crazy to deal crazy. So, don't ask me if this sounds pure bullshit but hey, at least the gameplay is interesting enough to distract me from the lousy storyline.

Since I liked it so much, I finished playing in just five days, with about 2 hours per day. It wasn't that easy anyway but if you have become familiar with earlier Tomb Raiders, this one still stays true to its old way in terms of clues, manoeuvrings and story line, but other than that they have certainly improved a lot.

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