Friday, October 2, 2009

PC Game - Zuma Revenge!

For those who already had the chance to play and know its predecessor, Zuma, this one will only make you pant even harder. Those who haven't, I suggest you take a time off from anything that you're doing now and play this simple but addictive game.

I don't know when it was even released but I just found it couple of days ago and happy to say, I LOVE IT.

In Zuma Revenge, our favorite heroic frog gets stranded in a remote land and, no surprise, isn't welcomed by the natives there, including the land's six spirits. Unlike in the previous version, in this one you have to face each stage's 'boss' before you could move on to the next one. Don't worry, it's not even that hard if you're an accomplished Zuma gamer. No big deal, really.

Some of the screenshots with tremendous improvements from the earlier version. Impressive, yes?

One of the bosses I had to face thus far.

The graphic has definitely improved a lot. There are even new power-ups, livelier gameplay and better sound effects. I'm at level 51 at the moment and safe to say, it's a great game to kill time but still manage to keep you interested throughout the gameplay.

Start hunting for Zuma Revenge now, or buy the original!


bigheart4bigboy said...

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Khairizan Yaacob said...

aww thanks man :)

zuma said...

WOW , zuma one of my Favorited games ever its so enjoyable :)