Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's Alright, Just Dance

Although now the exams are finally over, the busy part hasn't end just yet. We still need to figure out about our coming internship and I tell you, finding the right place can be very tiresome.

But, why not take a break for a while for a much-needed mind-easing activity with your good old friends. So, since all of our papers ended simultaneously on Tuesday, we decided to kick back and head to the karaoke box and be silly like we always do.

I tell you, it was worth every moment of it.

The last time we went out for our karaoke session was, like, last year, I guess. For those of you who thought you have had the best time with your karaoke buddies, you have seen nothing yet. When we got together, it wasn't just about singing, but dancing, cracking jokes and other unimaginable silly things - totally fun.

Hana recommended us this new place (at least for us) in Sunway Pyramid, called Amp Square Karaoke and it was quite cool. The place was cosy and we only paid the student's price, which is much much lower than the normal ones.

While waiting for the organizer of the event, Sakina, we had lunch in Kenny Rogers Roasters and I rekindled with its sumptuous beef spaghetti bolognaise while the rest had quarter chicken meals. It wasn't until we had finished eating when Sakina arrived. Sorry dear!

'Budak gedik'

Pretty girls in a row - Sakina, Hana and Fifi

Just dance!

There isn't much to say about the singing, dancing part. You can probably see the picture and decipher it for yourself. Hana and I did Beyonce's Single Ladies dance and I had to pass the next 3,4 songs to catch my breath afterwards. Sakina brought the Bollywood mood into the room with a couple of its number, Faris did his all-time favourite song in karaoke byA1 - totally old-school. Fifi did her interpretation of 'Zafirah Monica' with 'Matahari' while Ayi brought the house down with Phantom of the Opera - complete with the high notes in the end part. Sarah Brightman would be so proud.

It will take a while for the next rendezvous to take place with all of us are up to something this holiday. Hana and Faris would probably be tied to dance practice and part-time work, respectively while Sakina and Fifi would go abroad for holidays. I would probably hibernate myself at home and playing games in between. Duh.

Have a great holiday ahead, girls and fellas!

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