Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stop and Reflect

These few weeks have been stressful and about nothing except my final examinations. I have three more papers to go as I'm writing this but something stopped me when I finally knew what today was all about.

It's November 9, 2009 and co-incidentally it marks the 71st anniversary of Kristallnacht. Kristallnacht or 'Night of Crystals' in German was the prosecution of Jew in German in 1938 and marked the starting point of bigger events like genocide and holocaust.

Not only that, most importantly we have to remember that on this date too, 20 years ago the Berlin wall was torn down. Bringing people from the East and West Germany back together again after nearly 20 years of its erection. That was the symbol of utmost freedom and ongoing justice liberalisation to the world.

Sadly, freedom and just are too far away to be grasped and only a myth when today, another wall is being erected in the Middle East. The Separation Barrier which cuts across Jerusalem and separating innocent Palestinians from school, university and work without their will. As we sit here and browse through the net, the 400km long barrier is being built in the West Bank and according to Israeli officials 'only halfway completed'.

Five years ago, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ruled out that the construction of the wall must be ceased. But, why is it getting twice as long today? Who has stand out calling this to attention, or simply cut any connection with the country built on illegal land?

And where do we stand when Israel defends the Separation Barrier as a 'protection' to the Israelis, when the illegal squatters are residing on the Palestinian land and taking away the future, jobs, land and not to mention, lives of Palestinians?

As Her Majesty Queen Rania said in her Twitter which I followed, this is not the case of 20 years ago. If Berlin Wall can be brought down, why should this one stay?


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