Monday, January 11, 2010

A Classic Case of Pot and Kettle - Only Better

We all know how the original idiom went right? 'Pot calling the kettle black' is an old idiom which means to accuse a person or a thing of being marked with or guilty of the very thing they are pointing out.

In my case, the pot is not only calling the kettle black, but selfish, ignorant and insensible all at one go.

It all started with this one person, asking out my friend and I to celebrate his birthday. When he texted me, I simply replied with a short answer, declining the invitation since I was too occupied with my work then. What, you really wanted to get caught texting away while you're on work?

Then, when the real birthday came, I still sent him warm wishes since we were (somewhat) close friends and he thanked me - all through text. At that time, I was still working part time.

It turned out, he let it all hang out to another friend, expressing his dissatisfaction of me, making a big fuss about my short decline (which happened weeks before that) instead of confronting me face to face. Besides, we were quite close, so why didn't he just said it to me? I could easily apologize for offending him and understand each other better.

Had the friend did not tell me about this, I wouldn't have known right until today. And when he did, I was really bothered, considering I had done way lots of other things to please them before and this petty thing turned out to be a huge fuss for them, particularly him.

Now, I just had my birthday and I loved every single one whom celebrated it with me and wished me on that day. No surprise, Mr Big Fuss didn't even wish me right until today and he didn't have any alibi for not doing so. We have phones, Facebook, emails, snail mail and he even knows where I live.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a fan of people worshiping me. I sometimes forgot my friends' birthdays too. But for someone who cared so much on how people wished him on his birthday, he simply sucked at it. He made such a big hoo-haa about a small, tiny issue, yet, he couldn't even practice what he preached for.

I'm not here to sell him out. If I do, I could just mention his name and start a fight. Because I'm better than him, I decide not to whore out this issue to every other person whom might know him. I'm putting it here anonymously because I want each and every person who reads this to appreciate the people around you and not to make a big fuss over small things because we are not perfect after all to demand something perfect. Rather than airing your dirty laundry to everyone and dropping someone's name at every given opportunity, grow some balls and deal with every issue like adults.

As for you, you're dismissed. You may go now.

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Anonymous said...

i feel most definite tat d one who ‘fire-stoned’ should b at blamed. he’s in no position watsoever to interfere wif d lil knowledge he knew was goin on btween d two of u n his wrong take created d big mess. i certainly believe d whole complication's a mere misunderstandin, n long pendin for reconciliation. suppose both still retain strong frienship ties wif one another, n if all were to stepback (includin d one who fire-stoned!), look into d matter n sincerely ask; is it worth d pain n tension, is tis wat I ‘really’ want? or there r sum unforeseen reasons bhind never put to show, n its jus another battle game waitin for time to heal, while those painful feelins longing for amends remain seeded deepdown, or simply being hushed. wif love, & forgiveness, sorry to know ur still unhappy over it… =(

- jenny