Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Best Friend's (Coming) Wedding

Have you ever watched a chick-lit movie when a girl got a new guy and they're getting serious and started introducing him to her friends over a proper dinner-cum-night out? Like the ones in Sex and the City or Clueless. I totally had that moment last night and I was pretending to be Carrie Bradshaw - with a goatee.

Sakina decided to invite the seven of us for dinner in Chilli's, Mid Valley Megamall to introduce his new Versace-wearing Kuwaiti beau Yusuf, which also happened to be her soon-to-be fiance and husband - in a matter of months.

It was an impromptu rendezvous but surprisingly all of us managed to be there and get to know him, as well as their *ehem* future planning.

It's so good to see your dear friend being happy with her man and will be getting hitched soon. Like, so soon. It's also a reminder on how old we already are. I've known Sakina for about five years - still remember being in the same class with her, walking back from our class to the 11th College during our Asasi UM days and other numerous fun outings we have had with other friends.

And now, dear Sakina is getting married and will be settling down in Kuwait soon after she graduates later this year.

Waiting for our table - and for Hana and Dini

They finally arrived

The one-minute appearance of Mr Faris Faryse

My first time eating a fajita which I shared with Didi - a Mushroom Jack Fajita. It was heavenly...

Dessert. I forgot the name

Hana would kill me for posting this pic

As heartbreaking as it may be, above all we are ecstatic for the both of them and wish them a joyful ride ahead. Wherever they may be after this, we want her to know that she will always be the Sakina we have always loved and that will never change. Also, both of them served as a reminder to the rest of us - we need to get hitched stat too!

To Sakina and Yusuf, an early congratulations to both of you. Take a good care of our Sakina, Yusuf. Oh, and thank you for the dinner (I should have ordered that chicken thing if I knew you were paying. Crap. Hehe kidding. Not).

Final photo op for the night


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