Monday, January 11, 2010

Sick People

It is disheartening to see just how far some heartless people would go to protect their interests and ignite a fire by politicizing everything within their grasp, including the sacred, holy name of God.

I need not tell you how it all went down. You probably know better than me and we are all well informed on how nasty the whole situation is. Demonstrations took place, protesters using vulgar words, churches being blown and set on fire - all in the name of 'protecting' God's name from being 'tainted' by other religion.

Really, is it so? Because if it is, Allah SWT and the Prophet Muhammad wouldn't approve anything like this at all. Everything that had been done regarding this issue is just plain wrong.

Time and again, Allah reminded us through the Holy Quran on how to treat others with compassion and not to resort to any kind of physical or verbal violence:

"And argue not with the People of the Scriptures (Christians and Jews), unless it be in a way that is better, with good words and in good manners, except with such of them as do wrong - Surah al-Ankabut, verse 46."

Even in his day, the Prophet ordered two of his followers, Abu Musa al-Ash'aree and Mu'adh ibn Jabal to Najran (present day Yemen) to speak to the Christians there:

"Najran and their followers have the protection of the God and the protection of Muhammad, the Prophet and the Messenger of God, for themselves, their community, their land and their goods, both those who are absent and those who are present, and for their churches and their services (no bishop will be moved from his episcopate, and no monk from his monastery, and no church warden from his wardenship) and for all, great or little, that is under their hands - From the book Demystifying Islam: Your Guide to the Most Misunderstood Religion of the 21st Century by Dr Ali Shehata"

I am so furious about this whole issue - of people who think they are so pious and with the attitude of holier-than-thou, yet snapped easily when a situation like this occurred. They claimed 'Allah only belongs to Muslims' and those who are against this fight are simply apostasies, when they are the one who are twisted and being paranoid over nothing.

Even after the Prophet's death, the second Caliph, Saidina Umar al-Khattab signed a peace treaty with the people of Jerusalem which reads:

"In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful and the Most Gracious. This is the protection which the servant of God, 'Umar the Ruler of the Believers has granted the people of Eiliya (Jerusalem). The protection is for their life and for their properties, their churches and crosses, their sick and healthy and for all their co-religionists. Their churches shall not be used as habitation, nor shall they be demolished, nor shall any injuries be done to them or to their compounds, or their crosses, nor shall their properties be injured in any way. There shall be no compulsion for these people in the matter of religion, nor shall any of them suffer any injury on account of religion... Whatever that is written herein is under the covenant of God and the responsibility of His Messenger, His Caliphs and of the believers, and shall hold good as long as they pay the Jizya (the tax for their defence) imposed on them"
Even if those people think that it's still unacceptable for Christians to use Allah as reference to God, why put up a fight like this? Is not even a fair fight - using slur words, cowardly using violence to destroy other religion's place of worship. This is simply a provocation. Should the Christians retaliate by bombing, say, mosque(s) I bet those same Muslims would cry as if they were the ones being abused. Stupid retards.

There are way lots of other ways to deal this misunderstanding. Above all, everything must be done with an open heart, well-informed mind and good manners - as promote by the Prophet Muhammad in ALL of what he did. Otherwise, we would just have another bunch of retards who are clueless of what they are doing and joining this and that group (even on Facebook) in order 'to protect God's name'.

Wallahualam (God knows better).


-farra- said...

i agree with u babe. eventhough i'm in manipal, i'd read the issues and it is indeed very sad that politics in my beloved malaysia just gotten worse and worse. makes me feel ashamed really being malaysian. it's an issue that can be settle with peace n yet those hypocrites decide it's better to burn the churches.Idiots!!!!

And I've read a group's discussion about this issue. really,it's true what u said. i saw some comments saying they have no problem with the word Allah being used by other religions as they are confident with their own faith and yet those so called pious people bashed those comments and said they are apostates. i thought islam forbids one brother kafir kan another brother.

haihhh.i cannot stand people like this.have brain but don't know how to use one.

Khairizan Y. said...

Kan? Even ppl like us know how to speak with manners rather than acting all douche-y like those ppl who are 'protecting God's name'.

...and that Korean is oo-la-la. Me likey. Hehe

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