Sunday, January 3, 2010

Turning Two-Three - Part 1

Since I didn't have any plan for New Year, Firah invited me over to her place for a little barbecue with other fellow friends. So, on the eve, I tailed behind Hani and her beau Aizat to Firah's, way in Shah Alam. Beforehand, Hani already reminded me that she had to stop by her 'aunt's' place first so I just happily obliged.

Her aunt? Yeah, right.

When we pulled over her alleged 'aunt's' place, Hani came over to my car and told me that her aunt wanted us to go in for awhile. It wasn't until later when we were about to step into the house when I suspected something fishy. The place was august yet so quiet.

I didn't have the time to think when I went in and was greeted by the loudest birthday cheer ever said to me by my dear friends, complete with the sign 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYE'.

There they were, never failed to make me happy and put a smile on my face especially on this very special day. There was never an aunt involved and it was Firah's place by the way. That was a nice one, guys. Real nice, really caught me off guard.

We spent the evening chatting away, catching up with each other and of course, all while eating barbecued chicken, prepared by the fellas. It felt so much better spending the New Year's Eve in this way all at the comfort of being among your close friends.

The rest of the evening, we played Mafia and other games courtesy of Acap and Hani - abundant of laughter assured. Sadly, shortly before the clock stroke twelve, we had to leave since Hani and Aizat had another get-together somewhere in Bangsar. Ayi and I had to leave as well since we weren't too sure of the way back.

En route back to KL, the new decade begun and we pulled over by the highway to admire the fireworks.
Caught off-guard

The fellas doing all the hard work

Firah - the hostess

My pretty pals - Hani, Hana and Mun. All are taken, by the way :)

Playing Mafia. I was the one kicked out first, nice.

To my dear friends Hani, Aizat, Zafirah Al Sadat Zyed, Imran, Mun, Hana, Jern, Afiq, Rashid, Fa, Acap, Illi, Hibat, Fuqaha (almost all whom I'd known from Asasi UM) and others who were there, thank you so much for making turning twenty-three a great moment to be cherished forever. Thank you for sticking by me after all these times and for being such a wonderful bunch.

As Hani would say, "Love you heaps!"


hannah jamma said...

nasib baik there is ONE picture of me!
walaupun satu je, i will terima.

Khairizan Y. said...

baiklah saya akan tambah lagi!!