Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy 22nd Birthday, F

It all started during a rather slow lecture in a freezing hall with Didi asking me,"What are we going to do for Faris' 22nd?" Just a few minutes after that, eleven closest friends were shortlisted as the guests and came the hardest part - finding the place du jour.

Husna put a big cross on Mid Valley Megamall. Didi suggested Hard Rock Cafe but not everyone is willing to fork out a large sum of money. Fifi said a big NO to The Curve and One Utama. Faris wanted something 'cheesy' but no Pizza Hut please. Sakina said she had enough of Chilli's.

Something cheesy but not in Mid Valley Megamall, The Curve or One Utama. Then we decided, Itanliannies in Sunway Pyramid! Italian food always means cheesy galore.

So on the eve of Faris' big two-two, all eleven of us gathered there including Husna's baby, Ariq whom we had never get the chance to meet before and of course, Faris' *ehem* brother, Afka.

The get-together came to its may-jah climax with a special courtesy birthday cake (or a pudding, actually) from Italiannies. Faris was made to stand on his chair, played a few games before blowing out his 22 years old candle.

Then we headed to Republic for good ol' dancing before calling it a night. We wanted to try out Opera but it was *ehem* out of budget.

Papa Rock, Mama Husna and Baby Ariq

'I'd FCUK them' Kidding!

Didi & Ika

My pretty girls

Bithday boy giving the all-seeing eye. Accidentally, of course.

Family photo take one

Family photo take two - Guess the obvious change

One thing so special about this lad is, he'll forever be our boy. His cheeky and boyish persona captured everyone in his stride and even the lecturers whenever he gave a presentation. He's easily lovable, never the one to hold any grudge and a great person to be called as a friend. That's why we chose to honor his day because we had never done so in the past.

I call him F and he calls me K, which started as soon as the Gossip Girl wave kicked in about 3 years back with us imitating the S, B, N and other acronyms in the series. It later stayed there and we were stuck calling each other as K and F until today.

So, to our F, have a great birthday and may the years to come bring you more joy, happiness, success and better health. We love you! XOXO

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