Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thank You, DJ AM

If Barbara Walters have her own list of Most Fascinating People annually, I have mine too. One of the most fascinating people for me has always been DJ AM a.k.a Adam Goldstein, the resident DJ of Palms Hotel & Casino Las Vegas and celebrity DJ too. Most notoriously known as the guy who dated-engaged to-broke up-engaged again to Nicole Richie.

This soft spoken guy is my hero when it comes down to his dressing sense, more appropriately his collection of shoes and sneakers which gained him nickname 'Sneakerhead'. He was one of the only two survivors of the infamous 2008 air-crash, alongside Travis Barker of Blink 182.

However his life was cut short not even a year after the accident when he passed away due to drug overdose in August 2009 which sources claimed caused by post-traumatic depression.

Even more interesting, he collaborated with Nike for his own footwear before his untimely death which was released sometime end of last year. These awesome sneakers are made of black patent leather and soft red leather with grey Nike trademark logo. The name of DJ AM is proudly displayed on its tongue.

When I got this Nike kicks couple of days back, I must say it was like a small accomplishment. Though the namesake is no longer around, at least I got a piece of his taste and idea with me - forever.

Each of this pair comes together in three pairs of shoelaces - in red, gray and black. Personally I feel the gray would complement the pair better but for the time being, I'm pairing it with the red ones first and it doesn't look any less fabulous.

So far, the response has been great. My friends loved it when I first wore it and as predicted, Miss Hana Amira tried taking them off my feet in the middle of the faculty's cafe. You can tell she loved it. Of course, I loved it too. Mr Ayi said these are the best sneakers in my collection so far. You agree? I love all of my shoes anyway.

DJ AM had an exquisite taste for his sneakers and you can browse around for the pictures of his sneakers for the proof. By the time of his passing, he left more than 900 (yes, nine hundred) pair of sneakers, mainly Nike which was then auctioned off on eBay for the benefit of his own charity. No one has any bad thing to say about this fantastic man.

Rest in peace, DJ AM. Thank you for your impeccable taste for us, fellow Sneakerheads.

Nike Dunk Hi Supreme X DJ AM is only available in Sole What? The Gardens at RM439.

March 30, 1973 - August 28, 2009

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