Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ami's 23rd Birthday

Earlier on Thursday night, we had planned for a birthday get-together for Ami at the infamous Luna Bar. However the plan was put off since it clashed with Hunny Madu's 'berinai' ceremony which was held on the same night.

Still, we didn't feel quite right to let Ami celebrate her big day all alone and overshadowed by her sister's even bigger day. Thus, on Friday afternoon Dini made an impromptu plan for Ami's closest friends to celebrate her birthday over dinner.

Of course, that girl had no idea about this at all.

That was until she walked into Bijou, Mont' Kiara to the cheer of her 11 friends and flashing bulbs. You can tell that girl was speechless and not expecting it whatsoever.

We stayed for dinner for an hour or so before parting ways. The food was okay and the place was great, overlooking a swimming pool and condominium towers behind it.

Happy birthday Ami!

The girls

UM people and Fird being, well, Fird

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