Friday, April 9, 2010


Meet Caesar. The latest addition of living creatures in my house.

By the looks of it, I presumed he's a guppy fish (sort of) and was bought in Pets Wonderland Mid Valley for 18 bucks.

Yeah I know you could get it for like, 1-2 bucks anywhere else but I'm too lazy to search around. Besides, he looks AMAZING, no?

Sometimes he's turquoise. Sometimes green. Other times, blue. So yeah, my baby Caesar is quite a chameleon guppy - no pun intended.

You know they said fishes give great therapy just by looking at them swimming around and feeding them. No kidding there - they are.

Oh and don't ask me how I came up with his name. It just occurred to me en route back home after buying him. And I even named that money plant in his container as Augusto. You know, Augustus Caesar?

Yeah, I am silly.


-farra- said...

ni bkn ikan laga ke? (kampung x ayat?)hahaha...anyway..pakcik..byk nyer pets.nk aboy!!!

Khairizan Y. said...

bagi la name commercial sket..guppy ok. aku plan nak bukak neverland 2.0 so tgh kumpul pets byk2 :D

Anonymous said...

ikan laga ni hidup lagi?

Kye. said...

sihat walafiat :)