Thursday, April 8, 2010

Malaysia's International Shoe Festival - Bummer

Before you go slamming your head against a wall for not attending this fair and asking yourself 'How could I miss that?!', know this - you're not losing anything.

I was so excited about this fair since January when the news broke out. Lord, I couldn't help myself. I was excited - you know that.

But then again, fairs, exhibitions and festivals of this sort are well known for not living up to expectation. Well, this one fits into that category.

When they whore out the word 'International' on its banner and every advertisement and even brought in Datuk Jimmy Choo to launch it, of course I would expect some off-the-ground excitement.

Boy, I was punked.

The only big name there was Porosus, which I believed must regretted joining it. Not even second-tier shoe labels were there - no Aldo, Guess or even Pedro, at least. There were only cheap shoes/sandals by JukeBox (yikes!), Princess, Santa Barbara Polo & Racket Club, Pallas, Larrie and other brands worth of Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and Kepong-made shoes.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying expensive shoes are always the best but in this kind of shoe fair, at least bring in some *ehem* respectable labels to live up to its name. What they had there was as same as what Sogo KL would have in their bargain bins.

Alright, there were some Jimmy Choos too but only for display as they were all six-figure price shoes. Basically, they were just some regular Jimmy Choo heels adorned with diamonds, hence the price.

The only thing that kept me awake there (for 2 minutes) was this Manolo Blahnik shoe which was featured in Sex & the City the Movie. You know the one Mr Big used as ring substitution when proposing to Carrie. Yeah, that one. I was quite happy to see that 800-dollars shoe personally.

A scene from the movie - Mr Big picking it up as he proposes

The same, real Manolo on display

If they ever organize it again next year, better send someone to do a quick check before you actually take the trouble attending it. I wouldn't go again anyway.


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