Friday, April 16, 2010

Internship Stuff - Sorta


I gladly took some time off from our revision session in UM Main Library with study mates, Eza and Fifi to do some quick retail therapy - make it a much needed one.

The reason was, I needed to get some stuff for my internship which will begin in May, only 4 days after I'm done with my last examination paper.

Actually, I never need an excuse for it but, you know, in case of guilt...

So I went to Pavilion and ended up with few things. Shirts, t-shirts and some other stuff unrelated to internship. Winks. Now, all I need is a pair of lace-up leather shoes.

Oh, and I bumped into my pal the bubbly Hannah Azmir and her beau, Anwar in Food Republic. Glad she didn't see those shopping bags :P

Now I'm fully recharged to revise for my exams again. Yeah, I'm happy and stores made me happy.

Who wouldn't be happy with Boss and Hermes, anyway?

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