Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hey, Congrats Sis!

Whatever the boss say, shall be obliged

Last Sunday was a big event for my family. My sister was launching her new office and activity center in Tanming Boulevard, Puchong and the 3-storey unit was named Wisma Bling Lustre, being the name of her company.

Since it was a family event, she asked me to be the emcee for the day which I repeatedly refused. It wasn't until I saw that desperate face she wore and I finally gave in.

I was thinking, alright, maybe it wouldn't be that bad to ridicule myself among these people. Besides, most probably I won't be meeting any of them ever again.

That's the best I could do to soothe my nerve.

So on that Sunday afternoon, I headed to Puchong and prepped up for the big event. Too bad my brother and his whole entourage couldn't make it from Ipoh.

The event started with me welcoming them and only if they were deft, I swore they could hear how nervous I was in the beginning. As the ceremony proceed, I got comfortable and did pretty well, I guess. *wink,wink*

Oh, by the way I bought this cute top purposely for this event. It's FCUK from KLCC. I really love this piece. Hehe.

Then, I welcomed the Managing Director of Bling Lustre a.k.a my sister for her welcoming speech followed by the launching ceremony, officiated by two big women, my mom and my sis' mom-in-law. sweet is that..

Oh, before that we had the cake-cutting ceremony for my precious tots, Aisy and Airy. Since all of the attendees were being typical Malaysians a.k.a lazy asses and uptight people, I had to imitate my friend, Miss Hana Amira by unashamedly singing happy birthday as loud as I could. Thankfully, then only the rest follow-suit but each with a serious face as if thinking "Will I get arrested singing birthday song loudly?" Silly.

That's just a personal opinion, alright. Allegedly.

Then we had some lucky draws, treasure hunts and other games with about 10 booths operating selling various goods, from food to headscarves.

In between, they invited some well-recognized faces like Azizah Ariffin (of TV3 fame), Zhana AF and Miss Maizawati (AVON spokesperson) for other sessions on the 1st and 2nd floor of the building.

Thankfully, all of the event well very well and seemed the guests agreed on that too.

For those interested to know more about Bling Lustre, feel free to go to where various kinds of services were offered under its subsidiaries such as car care service (Bling Autocare), ladies' apparel (Bling Buubies), accessories (Chantek-Chantek) and others, or simply head to Puchong to view items in the gallery.

Special thanks to the sponsors of the day: Playhouse Disney, Karangkraf, L'Oreal Malaysia (credit to Miss Tee Ann Jie) and other main sponsors.

Aisy and Uncle Ayi
The look on Aisy's face explains everything - he was totally not confident of his uncle

Dua orang topui

Who wants a lucky draw?

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