Saturday, May 15, 2010

La Luna

May 6 was our last examination paper. So we were more than thrilled to end it fast and end it quick, for what was planned later in the evening.

After exiting the examination hall, I rode on Fifi's passenger's seat to Bangsar where I accompanied her for some quick accessories shopping along the streets of Telawi.

After the sun had set, the real fun began!

Ayi, Faris and I headed to Luna Bar, located on the 34th floor of Menara Pan Global, approximately 15 minutes after 8 where Fifi and her friends had been waiting for about half an hour.

Although the birthday boy and girl had arrived, the partayyy didn't start just as yet. One by one, familiar faces came in through the door in the form of Didi, Sakina, Eza, Ami, Dini and others.

I've heard a lot about the bar but this was my first time and true enough the place really lived up to what had been said. You could see almost the entire area of KL's Golden Triangle with KL Tower standing just right next door, shimmering in spotlights. Even if you're not here for the food/drink, the ambiance and view were just as superb.

Speaking of the food, it was gastronomically fantastic. Although we just had pizzas that night, it tasted really good and so was my hot cup of mocha.

After we got bored indoor, we headed to the poolside sitting and I have to admit, for a person who sweats as heavily as a pig like me, it was obviously not suitable. High walls around the poolside restricted wind flows, making it rather warm than breezy.

The night was all about celebrating the birthday boy and girl so we had drinks, ate some food, chatted and most importantly took plenty of pictures!

Afterwards we headed to Envie, a club recommended by Asri in Changkat Bukit Bintang, for our so-called after party and danced the night away until well past 2 in the morning. Although most of them were still gearing up their moves on the dance floor, Didi, Faris, Ayi and I had to call it a night.

We bid goodbye and took off. As for me, I had to sent Faris back to Shah Alam before heading home.

Happy 22nd & 30th birthday to Fifi and Ayi respectively. Certainly, my friends have upped the standard for next year's! Love you guys.

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