Saturday, May 22, 2010

Second Week of Internship

When you started to work, surprisingly the weekend seemed to go by so fast - even faster than you could spell 'W-E-E-K-E-N-D'. Was it always like this, fellas?

Anyway, my second week of internship was less hectic as the first one and my spare time in between tasks were no longer as dull as then with a new phone. Winks.


I was prepared to juggle mountains of works as the previous week but nothing was handed to me, even after I asked from my colleagues there.

It wasn't until after lunch, they handed me the budgeting I did last week for some minor alterations. I did the corrections, tidied up everything, printed it out and submitted it for one last time.


Just when I had some faith in the good ol' Komuter, they were back to their nature - being delayed. The 7.03am train which I usually boarded were delayed and by that time, was still in Shah Alam - which is about 13 stations away.

So quickly I went back and drove my Kiki the Kancil to work.

No major work today except making few phone calls and sending faxes about Martha Stewart's visit to Malaysia.


Again, no work. Main reason was because the programme which I did last week had been settled and now I'm left with nothing, pending for new assignments.

I helped some colleagues making few phonecalls to travel agencies regarding the changes in the itinerary regarding Mega FAM Programme (which I now know means Mega Familiarization Programme).


Really, really no work. At times like this I really wish I would be given few jobs to keep me awake and stop yawning so much in my cubicle.


Alright, this is the first day I went back at 6pm due to the upcoming Chelsea Flower Show in London, due May 28.

Apparently, Chelsea Flower Show is one of the may-jah floral and garden show in the world, held annually and no surprise, Malaysia is participating.

I had to type the whole description of the Malaysian garden which will be presented during the show and seriously, I didn't understand anything about the Malaysian garden. It will be some fusion of typical kampong style with modern 'multicultural aspects' and few touches of improvised Balinese and Thai garden styles.

No idea at all about that.

After lunch, I had to type, print and bind speeches for Minister of Tourism in the Floral Show as well as some other events which will be attended by her in Munich, Milan and London from 26 to 28th of May.

I had to give myself some credit for typing and learning how to comb-bind all 8 copies of the speeches in less than 5 minutes and get it done in less than two hours.

By the time I finished, proudly I exclaimed that this fella is done and heading home, y'all.

No idea what next week has in store for me.

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