Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Crissy: My Cobalt Blue Tarantula

I spent my last weekend like any other single (and sane) person would do in KL – mall hopping, despite being sick icky icky poo. My body was so warm and I swear you could fry an egg on my forehead. Damn this fever.

Anyway, while loitering around Mid Valley Megamall, I saw this cute cobalt blue tarantula and knowing how hard it is to find cobalt blue species here in Malaysia, I was ecstatic. Even if they are here, it would cost a bomb for a tiny baby tarantula of its kind. But this one was selling for RM150 so it was relatively cheap, considering it’s about a year old now.

This gorgeous baby is well-known for its aggressiveness thus not suitable for amateur keepers like me. What the heck, I had always liked cobalt blue tarantula and there’s no way I’m not getting it right now. Besides, what’s the worst thing that could happen anyway?

Actually the worst thing that could happen is being bitten by the five-inch-long tarantula and experiencing seizure-like pain up to your chest within 5 minutes. Still, I don’t care. I’m taking my chances.

Since both of my tarantulas, the orange baboon Seraphine and the cobalt blue Crissy are notorious for their hot-tempered, aggressive nature, I chose not to put them in the same container. Now they are both proud owners of their own tank with each building their own webs, tunnels and small caves.

Oh, as for the name Crissy, you must have known how I came up with the name. Which Crissy namesake is associated with good looks, the World Cup and Armani underwear anyway?

I just love seeing these two gorgeous kids doing their thing everyday.

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