Friday, July 30, 2010

A Beach Retreat

God knows how desperate I was for a beach retreat. Give me a descent hotel with clean, sandy private beach any day and I wouldn't mind at all.

So you can only imagine how ecstatic I was when a fellow UM pal invited me to accompany him to Port Dickson for some work. I leaped into the invitation immediately, nevertheless.

We stayed at the one-year old Thistle Resort (previously known as Guoman Resort) and I couldn't be happier. It's sleek modern interior greeted us from the lobby up to the room, overlooking the pool and beach.

When you have less than 24 hours to kill, you better make the most of it - and so I did.

I have nothing bad to say about this four-star hotel. The staff were friendly, the beach was clean, the food was nice and the room was exquisite. Although I prefer Cherating beaches than all other beaches I had ever been here in Malaysia (Langkawi, Pangkor, Lumut, Batu Ferrighi), Thistle's private beach wasn't that bad after all.

I really hope to return here again.

They have swings by the beach, yo!

Calling my mom and her response was, "Hoi, aku ni dok takdak duit, anak aku pi Port Dickson pulak no?" (Translation: "I'm broke here and my son is enjoying himself in Port Dickson, eh?")

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