Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Craving #657273

New semester has commenced few weeks back, minus the old, familiar faces of my regular UM bunch. Sadly, the same familiar face of one disgusting, obnoxious, back-stabbing, good-for-nothing, crazy bitch is still lingering around though I talk to her no more.

I know, that's some mouthful adjectives for a person but trust me, she fits ALL of them nicely.

Thankfully, there are still some good old mates around to keep me company on and off classes, although regretfully I had to admit that I need some other distractions to keep me from feeling lonely (God, I hate that word).

By distractions, I mean beautiful, wearable, usable stuff like this bag.

Suddenly I had grown tired of the first tier labels (except Hermes and Bottega) and I had my attention on this bag maker called Crumpler. They have a store in KLCC eversince Suria KLCC opened its door in 1997/1998 but I never paid attention to any of its goods - until now.

I had my eyes on this multicolored messenger bag and although I know it looks crazy, I am up for craziness with this bag. I am pleased to introduce you to Crumpler's Barney Rustle Blanket messenger bag.

People go through different phases in their life, style-wise included, and as for me I am SO in the mood for the average 20-something college guy look with a touch of wackiness and a hint of looking *ehem* posh.

Before you go thinking this is your average bag to be taken to your class, this baby doesn't come cheap. It's selling around US$ 140 in the States and I have yet to check it here in KL. If I don't have the dosh, than I won't step into the store. Period. Well, the above average price makes sense since Crumpler bags come with a lifetime warranty should the bags you bought give away to its load.

That's right. You can go and ask for an exchange even after 45 years you bought them.

Let me remind you again that Crumpler is available in Suria KLCC should you *cough cough* want to get one for me *cough cough*. Again, third floor Suria KLCC *cough cough*.

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