Wednesday, July 28, 2010


A thousand miles away
An avatar
An emotional fray
A lonestar

Like a sudden fall
Came a call
Now the unknown
Has touched down

Somewhat a while
A sudden plan
Ten thousand smiles
From one single man

Teasing, flirt
Off the shirt
I surrendered
He conquered

A heart melt
A feeling identified
So trapped
So dignified

But he left
Dreams crumbled
Like a broken shelf
I trembled

Don't be crazy
Don't be feeble
You're a goody
I'm the devil

What's the plan?
Is there any?
Assuming the man
Am I crazy?

No pledge
No story
Over the edge
I am crazy

Shouldn't dream
Not too high
Should've read
Between the lines

Crazy guy
Hope so high
Wanting star
Too afar

Dear crazy
Let it be
Silly baby
The joke's on me

July 28, 2010
12.21 am

1 comment:

Ri said...

oh, damn it.. i've been there! i was just from there!

love your proses khai...