Friday, July 2, 2010

My Internship

Miss Yante and I on the luscious sofa of PWTC

Though I was counting days for this industrial training to end, it was surprisingly hard to say goodbye when the final day of my placement in Tourism Malaysia comes.

I had called the International Marketing Division (Americas/Europe/Oceania) a.k.a AERO as my second home for the past 8 weeks and had bonded so well with fellow colleagues there. We shared inside jokes and other silly stories; not to mention, new ties are formed with other industrial training students such as Asif, Yati, Yante, Hizani and few others with each in different divisions.

I must say, I was blessed to be placed in the creme-de-la-creme, most-sought-after division in Tourism Malaysia, under fantastic helm of its director, Datin Normasila Musa. The working environment was awesome, very co-operative and very accommodating colleagues. Working and learning in AERO were total bliss with no air whatsoever.

On my last day there, they held a farewell party for me and frankly, I never knew how appreciated I was until that day. Each and everyone was wishing me the best and other kind words were offered - along with abundant of gifts and cards I received.

For the last day, I wore exactly what did on my first day there. My white shirt and grey pants, both from Zara and my black-and-white striped tie from Banana Republic. I decided to end it the way I started - corny, I know.

I really, really feel appreciated. The weight of those long, extra working hours spent and tedious works trusted for the past 8 weeks seemed to have evaporated. I would really, really love to return to AERO in the immediate future for real, if God's willing.

Special thanks to Datin Director for approving my placement in AERO, my Europe-1 sub-division chief Puan Maizan Ahmad and my supervisor in AERO Puan Azizah Ahmad. Thanks too to Kak Oly for keeping me laughing like a donkey everyday with her antiques, Mr Raffizi for the times spent talking about clothes and BlackBerry, Kak Fazdila for her blunt jokes, Mr Libra, Kak Aine, Mr Faharul and all unmentioned names in AERO.

Of course, thanks to my best pals in PWTC, Yati and Yante for always keeping me company. The lunches we had in The Mall everyday, lounging around on those comfy sofa at the lobby, breakfasts on the 17th floor, walking together to the train stations - both of you will be sorely missed.

Thanks for making this ride a memorable and fun one for me.

Yati and I. Thanks for the farewell gift, Yati.

Accepting a token of appreciation from Datin Director

The heavyweights of AERO. From left, me, Puan Azizah Ahmad (Assistant Director in Europe 1 Subdivision), Datin Normasila Musa (Director of AERO Division), Puan Maizan Ahmad (Senior Deputy Director & Head of Europe 1 Subdivision), Miss Azizah Aziz (Deputy Director & Head of Russia and CIS Subdivision) and Puan Fazdila Mansor (Senior Assistant Director Europe 1 Subdivision).

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