Monday, August 2, 2010

Diablo 3

My PC (a.k.a Muchacho) desktop wallpaper has been adorned with nothing but images of the shoes that I wanted. There was the winged Jeremy Scott (got it!), the Stephen Sprouse's Louis Vuitton, the Givenchy studded gladiator sandals and many others.

But from today onwards, I've reserved my wallpaper for this one game I've been waiting for oh-so-long.

Blizzard, stop teasing me and just release that God damn Diablo 3 now, alright?!

It's predecessor Diablo 2 has got to be my all-time favorite PC game. Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia, Age of Empires, Counter Strike, Star Craft, Red Alert - you can all suck it because Diablo is the bomb.

I spend more than 10 hours a day playing that game back in my school days, until the CD exploded into pieces while still running in the CPU. Yeah, it was that bad. Bring up the word 'Diablo' to my family and not a single one wouldn't remember that.

But, mind you, I still scored straight As during my PMR. Ehem, ehem.

I was already excited when my brother-in-law told me that Diablo 3 was in the work, allegedly. That was about 3 years ago. Now, it is nearly completion (I guess) and waiting for the right time to be released.

Oh, the torture of having to wait for this game. The trailers, the websites, the wallpapers - I can't take it anymore. I've got to have it. I promise I'll get the original one once it comes out regardless how expensive it would be.

Need. Diablo. Three. Now.

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Anonymous said...

khai, im so useless,
i deactivated my fb to force myself to focus on my exams.. and now im reading your blog and other ppl's blogs instead of facebook.
Hani needs some good spanking baby.

love love love u,

hani yatid