Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nike Dunk Hi AC

On the 19th day of fasting, I went for shoe hunting. It was Friday and the cloudy weather throughout the day whispered, "You ought to get new kicks."

Okay, I made up the whispering part. Anyway, it has been ages since I got myself a brand new sneakers and again, I'm using the Raya excuse to pamper myself.

After a few rounds of browsing around the city, I settled with this one pair from Nike. Since my fascination with high-cut sneakers has yet to fade, I was happy with my choice.

This one pair might seem white but it is actually not. It's in soft grey (although the photo couldn't the justice) with dotted leather finishing. The original pair from the store comes with white school-boy shoe laces but I paired it with grey ones I got from Nike Dunk Hi DJ AM. Credit to Mr Ayi for suggesting me to switch those laces. The grey laces match the line above its sole, co-incidentally.

So, this is my.... (I lost count of my shoes) pair. Since I don't prepare anything for the upcoming Raya, this would be my 'kasut Raya', 'baju Raya', 'kuih Raya', 'hantu Raya', 'jalan Raya' and any other rhyming Raya stuff.

This one is available in Juice KL for RM349. It is also available in black. But beware! There's a similar one in those Nike stores. Surprisingly, that one costs more (RM389) although it is made of canvas, not leather (which may become quite a problem to clean).