Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Birthday, My JS Wings!

On this Halloween Day, I'd like to dedicate a post to my most talk-about shoes - the JS Wings. The black pair turns one today, while the grey metallic pair is only a few days old.

So, here are some celebrity photos wearing various versions of this quirky sneakers which I've managed to gather all around the net. Due to size constraint, some are not put up here (like the ones worn by Drake and Lil Wayne). Not that I care much about those celebs anyway but just for fun.

Happy birthday, wings. To Mr Jeremy Scott, you're a genius.

... and the designer himself, Jeremy Scott


Jenny said...

FehsyenPolis D.R.M:-
Bjork lookin retard in tis purple ruffled robotic-clown-like costume. Such a huge mismatch and exaggeration to pair wif those hot little “wings”! Hwever & again, credits must b given for her daring and unconventional style ^^

Ri said...

yeah! XD

put on your wings and fly, my lil hermes!

Kye. said...

Jenny: When did Bjork ever get her outfit properly matched anyway? Haha.

Ri: Yeah thanks!

joshua said...

Fabulously Awesome! :P