Saturday, January 1, 2011

I'm 24 Now

Ready or not, I've grown a year older. 24 years old to be exact.

For this year around (and hopefully the coming years), instead of talking about me and my resolutions, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the people who have made this twenty-four years journey an enjoyable ride.

Thanks to Mama and Abah for bringing me into this world - this curly-haired, big eyes, big nose, big ears, big mouth boy. I could never repay every single deed you have done to me especially in teaching, schooling and loving me as well as for being patient with me for the past 24 years.

Thanks to my brother and sister as well as my brother-in-law and my sister-in-law for accepting me for who I am, never questioned every decision I made and supporting me all the way.

To all of my friends, you meant the world to me. You made each passing day very delightful and meaningful. Thanks for being my brothers and sisters, my private tutors (whenever I was slow in picking up things), my body double (whenever I was absent for classes), my confidante or simply for being nice people to keep me company all the time. I love all of you.

I don't really give a damn about presents this year but somehow, they keep on giving. Thus, I thank you lovely people for these presents and for wishing me. It's the thought that counts.

Happy new year 2011. May this year brings us more greatness, happiness and other fabulous things. Here's to 2011.

Thanks to Ayi for the iPad, Suhaimi for the white iPad case, Ann Jie for the Zara jacket and Kiehl's moisturizer, Ami for the neck massager and Faris for the card and pink teddy bear (which he said resembles me. Yeah, I'm puzzled too)


Suhaimi said...

Happy birthday... Have a great year ahead... And keep on move.. :)

Kye. said...

Thanks! Pick me! Pick me! :P