Saturday, May 14, 2011

April Read

What would you do if one day you wake up just to find your entire family vanishes without trace and without having any clue of their disappearance?

No Time for Goodbye by Linwood Barclay is a story about Cynthia Archer who found her entire family had disappeared on one morning and left her no notice, no signs of their whereabouts. Twenty-five years later, she still has no idea what had happened to her father, mother and younger brother that morning - until a series of strange things started to happen.

She has a strange feeling that someone is watching her wherever she goes. She bumped into a man who looked like her missing brother a number of times. Her aunt, the only surviving family relative she has, was killed before she could tell her secrets that could changed her life. She claims her father is attempting to reconnect with her although her husband now thinks she's on the verge of becoming insane - or is she not?

The most special part about this book is probably the big question mark about her family's disappearance that keeps me glued to its pages. It's a fast-paced, thriller fiction with enough reasons embedded between the lines to make you stay intrigued until the end.

Well, not really until the end.

Just before climax, you would have figured out what actually happened to Cynthia's family and it just kind of killed the excitement. In my opinion, if Barclay had hold back some of the information and just let the characters spilled it indirectly as the story progressed, it would have helped to keep the momentum alive until the end.

I saw Barclay's other titles in Borders the other day, but having read No Time for Goodbye, I wasn't so sure as whether to pick them up or not. This one itself was good but the final part of the book kind of killed the steam gathered from the beginning - as if he got tired of writing it and decided to end it right away and in the most inglorious manner.

Have it a go and do let me know if you think otherwise.
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