Sunday, May 15, 2011

JS Wings Transparent

It's no secret that I love my JS Wings sneakers by Adidas. Starting with the black one two years ago and another pair in grey last year, now I have the third one in my collection.

Meet the transparent/clear version of JS Wings for Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

I had seen this one on the internet a couple of months ago and quickly fell in love with it (as usual). I just had to show it to everyone I knew and even posted it on my Twitter account.

Little did I know Juice KL had brought it in into their store in Bangsar - in April! Gasp!

This baby comes in perforated clear plastic surface with white leather trimming and matching white shoe laces. The sole is of white rubber and the inner sole is white as well.

I personally think this one easily tops the most quirky shoes I've ever owned. I just have to make sure I pair it with the best socks I have as, well, everything is see-through! Ha!

Thanks to my hommies Mie for checking this out for me in Juice KL and to Ayi for surprising me with this as soon as I got back from work. Such a pleasant (and much welcomed) surprise! It retails for RM699 per pair.

Now, what do you think?
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Ri said...

ooh! you're soOOoo FLY!!! :)
what version will they come up with next? hmm..

Kye. said...

Lol no idea! One can only imagine.

Suhaimi said...

I love the last pix.. and the shoes of course.. Awesome..

Suhaimi said...

I really love the last pix.. and the shoes of course... Awesome..


Kye. said...

Hehe thanks Mr Mie :)