Saturday, May 14, 2011

These Shoes are Made for Working

I needed a new pair of black formal shoes for work. The old one was, well, old and in a relatively bad shape (bless those shoes for all these years).

I could spend half of my entire a month's pay to buy a good pair from Dunhill or Hugo Boss (damn those lace-ups looked good), or I could settle for much less with a high-street label instead.

Having used to my Lanvin lace-ups, I really wanted to go for another designer label for my second formal shoes. Trust me, they don't cost a bomb for nothing - designer labels' shoes are so comfortable and fit your feet like gloves. At least, that is what they are for men's shoes.

However, I didn't want to damage these potential new shoes as I'd be using them intensively for work - at least 20 days per month. That kinda defeats the whole purpose of having formal/work shoes, no?

So, I decided to settle with less expensive ones instead.

But, boy, it was SO hard to find a decent pair with a much, much less pricetag. The cheap ones were either too ugly, too bulky, too pointy, uncomfortable or simply all of them at once.

Then, came this pair from Pedro. Quite reasonably-priced, OK-design, quite comfortable and made of leather, no less. So I bought it without contemplating, after doing rounds of checking one store to another.

I thought I looked funny in these quite-pointy lace-ups but so far I got nothing but positive remarks from my friends and other people. I hope they weren't lying, though.

This one is RM319 and available in Pedro, Suria KLCC. They have quite a selection of shoes and I recommend the store to everyone with a strict budget of RM35o and below for footwear.

Wait til I get extra cash in hand, I'm going to get one of those ridiculously-sexy Florsheim shoes.
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Ri said...

hmm.. could be you got positive remarks because almost anything looks good on you?

sometimes it's the wearer's attitude :)

lain le macam aku ni, pakai t-shirt biasa pun dah ghupa macam sarung goni dohhh.. :P

Kye. said...

Ri: Don't be too modest, boleh? I'm sure you look just fine with anything as well ;)

I still get that funny feeling when I'm wearing these pointy-toe lace-ups. Sigh.