Sunday, March 18, 2012

The One Who Got Carried Away

Never had I thought my short stint in the FSTEP training a year ago would result in wonderful friendship with some of the fellow participants there - six of them, to be exact. 

Day in day out, they became my go-to places for lamenting, cracking up jokes or simply as lunch companions. After a solid one year, we can proudly say that we had always been there for each other through thick and thin, and the bond that we shared could neither be defined nor replaced.

Thus, it would only be natural for us to be there when one of us 'put the ring on it'. Aside from Min who couldn't make it when her car broke down on the night before, the remaining four of us were there in Kampung Pengantin, Jalan Genting Klang to celebrate the wonderful union of Ezzaty and Heqme sometime in late February.

Decked in pale yellow ensemble, the pair looked regal and exquisite as they walked down the aisle to the dais. At that point of time, I still couldn't believe that our sweet, rockstar Zetty has been officially solemnized to be Heqme's. 

After more than a year of knowing this crazy girl, I daresay Zetty is a very sweet, loving and loyal friend. She's not the kind that makes friend with you just for the sake of keeping herself company. When she forged alliance with someone, you better know that you're in a ride that's going to last for a long time, despite how rocky or bumpy the road might be. 

The most interesting thing about Zetty has got to be her sense of humour. She gets both my normal joke as well as the NSFW ones as well. When we made fun of people (behind their back, of course) or start a joke, we simply couldn't stop - and that's probably the worst thing about anyone having to be in the same space as her. 

Above all, she's smart and oh-so-diligent. She takes every challenge within her stride and push herself to the limit, well, most of the time. I could go on and on about this wonderful girl but it's suffice to say just that, as anyone who knows her will definitely nod their head in agreement and that's the reason Heqme loves this girl. 

To the newlyweds, congratulations again and I certainly look forward to become the uncle to your future kids. With lots of love, all the best in your new chapter of life, H & E.
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