Monday, April 2, 2012

Louis Vuitton 'Monte Carlo' Loafers

Why loafers? Because they're comfortable and exudes that certain air of effortless-ness yet still being preppy. 

Since Spring/Summer season is upon us, I thought, hey why not get myself a new pair of loafers that I could wear for weekends, either with shorts or khakis. This is the only time of the year where you could get spiffy loafers and sandals in abundance at every store (seriously, who would sell or wear loafers and sandals in Autumn/Winter?).

Initially I was thinking of getting a pair of those Tod's 'Gomminos' loafers in bold hues...until I laid my eyes on these. 

These 'Monte Carlo' loafers are made of suede calf leather embossed with 'Petite Damier' pattern (the checkerboard design). The upper part of the shoe, or the vamp, is hand-stitched and finished with shiny Palladium LV logo and rivets. At the hind part of each loafer, there is the label's logo.

For someone who has never worn a pair loafers before (okay, maybe not - I used to wear one when I was, what, 12?) I must say initially it felt weird slipping your feet into it without any socks on. However, after getting used to it, I must say that I'm sort of addicted to the simplicity and carefree attitude that my loafers bring. 

And it's so comfy too. 

The only disappointing part is when I bought those, I personally asked them whether they had it in any other color ("No, I'm afraid these are the only colors - ivory, black and green") and whether other Louis Vuitton stores in KLCC and The Gardens Mid Valley carry other colors ("No, they carry the same range as we do"). Two weeks later - BAM! - I saw the same pair in KLCC in brown

I would never trust those sales assistants again.

For those who don't fancy loafers with gigantic logo, Louis Vuitton has another range of loafers, the 'Hockenheim', with quite similar design but smaller logo. Price might vary, though.

PS: My loafers are wayyy better than yours, Hafiz. Winks.
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