Monday, February 18, 2013

Who Says I Only Wear Designer Shoes?

I always believe that if something looks good and fits you equally good - although it is label-less or much more affordable than that of designer ones - it deserves the same accolade given to its luxury counterparts.

It's totally a no-brainer: why wouldn't you wear something that you like just because it doesn't have a major label on it? Plus, it's much cheaper too.

Same goes with this new desert boots I got from H&M.

I've been on the lookout for a decent desert boots to pair up with my jeans or khaki pants for quite some time. I have my eyes on Cole Haan's and Zegna's but finally settled down with this pair instead from H&M. 

I just love the rich blue color, the soft velvety suede and of course the price - they were retailed at only 79 bucks. That is like one tenth of Cole Haan's price.

The only downside of buying cheaper shoes is that they don't really fit your feet like a glove as opposed to that of designer ones (wear Lanvin or Louis Vuitton and you'll know what I mean). Besides, the material is paper-thin so you might not want to expect much comfort or protection from them. They looked good though and for that pricetag, I can't complain much. 

Oh, another downside, my sister wasn't feeling this shoes at all. She said I looked like a 'mat rempit'. Oh well.
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