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B.C.: Before Carrie

Just when you thought you've known everything about Carrie Bradshaw, her three besties and everything in between about their lives, here comes another pre-instalment of the famous Sex and the City by Candace Bushnell. 

Because, why not? Milk all you can out of the famous book/TV-series/movies while you still can. 

Normally, I don't read chick-lits. I found these books, 'Carrie Diaries' and its sequel 'Summer and the City' during the Big Bad Wolf sale last year and decided - hey, why not since I was already a huge fan of the series and the movies. 

Plus, they were only at RM8 each. Hardcover too. 

The book brings us back to 1980s when Carrie Bradshaw was a 17-year-old high school student aspiring to be a writer and get accepted into Brown. At the same time, having a love-hate relationship with the new boy in school, Sebastian Kydd whilst maintaining friendship with her three best friends, Maggie, Mouse and Walt. 

The first book ends with Carrie being accepted for a writing programme in New York City for the summer and her journey in the Big Apple continues in the second book where she found her first big love - the New York City - and contemplated abandoning her initial plan of going to Brown for being a serious writer. 

For someone who has known and fell in love with Carrie Bradshaw and her much-older best friends: Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte, reading this book was quite dreadful in the beginning without being familiar with any other characters except Carrie herself.

Even Carrie was not the usual strong-minded, opinionated woman we always knew. Somehow, as the story progressed, I learnt to appreciate the different Carrie given of the age difference and hey, I assume, that was exactly how normal teenage girls would behave (I think).

The most interesting part of the two books is the way we are revealed how it all started for Carrie. How she became a serious writer, what brought her to NYC and most importantly, how she met the other three girls: Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte.

All in all, it was really a pleasure reading both books. They were hilarious, warm and at times, cringe-worthy. If you're a fan of the four women, you'd appreciate these books.

Can't wait for its sequel. 

PS: If you're thinking of giving these books a pass and watch the new TV-series 'The Carrie Diaries' instead, well, you're in for a loss because the TV series is SO different from the original story in the book. Of course, the books tell the story in a much better way and you'd appreciate the story build-up even more.
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