Sunday, September 14, 2008

To My Stranger

No one or nothing accompanies you better on a silent night like this than old memories. Memories that you have kept secured at the back of your head and tonight, it creeps back to present time and somehow, touch your heart.

Nevertheless, I have so many of them but one in particular visits me tonight.

You know what wins my heart? Someone who has the right key to it. Someone who knows what's hidden deep inside here and unleashes it right in front of me with a wide grin that says 'There, I've did it, didn't I?'

I've met thousands of people and only one has a very special mark, though we never had any serious 'actual' relationship. Like in my favorite movie 'Closer', he said the same thing each time I'm next to him - the one said by Natalie Portman to Jude Law.

"Hello, stranger."

Nik. That's the name. The stranger's name which is, ironically, never a stranger to me. Only he called me that whenever he looked at me in the eyes, with that deep-intense eyes, and a sly grin forming on his lips. The way his square chin tightened as he laughed and the way his stubble felt on my hands are still vividly clear, as if the time on his Bell & Ross watch had never ticked since we last met.

There's so much to say about him but, forget it.

He'll always be my favorite stranger and I definitely am to him. I know that, for sure. May God bless you wherever you are right now, perhaps in New York I'm quite certain and we'll go out again definitely.

I'll be at the airport, waiting for you to hear you whisper that again to my ear - "Hello, stranger."


Ri said...

i dunno why. this article simply calls to me. feel like crying but there's no reason for it.

though rarely around, it's great that you have such a friend...

Khairizan Yaacob said...

he certainly is. glad someone can relate to that piece :'(