Sunday, September 21, 2008

Once Upon A Time...

So, few years back, there was this one guy who dreamt of having everything. But he knew he couldn't. At least, not everything at the same time. That was what Oprah told and he certainly agreed with it full-heartedly.

He looked around. He saw how fantastic it was for people around them to have a nice digital camera, snapping around carelessly with brilliant photos for them to keep or share on the net. He had lost count of how many times it had been when he looked at people playing with their Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) green with envy.

He knew his parents wouldn't buy it for him. They would be better off paying mortgages and debts than feeding what he wants. That he knew for sure.

He was sad. Frustrated too. And he kept on pondering, why didn't his ship come already? Why was everyone seemed so lucky?

Alas, he was determined too.

One day, he started to save up. Whatever coin he had, will end up in the small, brown piggy bank at a corner of his study. It piled up day by day. Bit by bit.

No paper notes, just coins. Just all the change he had.

Some years later, a friend noticed it and, no surprise, touched by all the intentions his friend had harbored for years. He decided to contribute a little bit to the savings and off they went to buy a decent camera and the PSP which has been long due.

And that guy was me. Thank you, Abang Ayi for all the wonderful-ness.

I'm so far beyond satisfied with my 12-megapixel Ixus 960IS and PSP2000. What more can you possibly ask?

Bottom line is don't be afraid to dream. Instead, dream high. Don't be bothered with people who laughed, smirked and gave you nasty remarks because you know, in the end you'll have the last laugh.

You certainly cannot and will not have everything at a time, but you have to make it work in realizing it. Above all, God isn't cruel. He will reward those who had worked their ass off, no worries.

Alhamdulillah for all the blessings. Dear Lord, I'm giving you all the praise. Amen.

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