Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Raya Shopping (I Never Get Tired On This One)

I was this close to buy government's 'sincere advice' to watch what I spend and how my budget should be tighten up...until I come into realize that they didn't even practice what they preach.

Hey, if in tough times like this they can afford to roll their LV luggages to Taiwan for 'study trip about agriculture', why should I hold back when they're splurging on the unnecessaries?

Taiwan after all, for a study trip? About agriculture? *sigh*

Anyway, what the heck. For the coming Raya, I want to look FAB and I mean it! *snap snap*

Off my hommie, Abg Ayi and I went to KLCC and Pavilion to pay a due visit to some long-awaited stores.

Well, I just accompanied him and grab whatever I saw fit me. He was the one who wanted to do some may-jah shopping.

We only stopped for a couple of minutes to make way for our breaking fast and continued our cash-dropping (literally) session.

All the fabulousness at the end of the day (minus our cat, Aboy)

My raya belt (which won't be new anymore by Raya time)

Abg Ayi's belt and shoes (he totally upstaged me)

True Religion jeans from Bread & Butter, Tangs in Pavilion. Abg Ayi fell in love with it since seeing Aznil Nawawi wore it.

New scent :)

His new Guess? messanger bag for work (Raya was just an excuse to buy it)

Happy happy!! Next stop? The Gardens, Mid Valley for my new shades, shoes and perhaps new tops.

Stay tuned!


Ri said...

owh mannn...!!! that's sooo out of my budget range!!! must be so cool to be able to shop like that huh?

BTW, lovely poem :)

Khairizan Yaacob said...

hehe no harm doin it once in a while aite? hehe..

dont thank me for d poem.kudos to the poet. very nice kan the poem? :)